Liquid spill
Liquid Spills

Liquid spill is probably the worst thing you can do to a laptop. We all know that water and electricity don’t mix.

So what can you do about a Liquid spill on your laptop?

First off you should make sure to follow these simple rules;

  • If your laptop is on and plugged in, switch it off, unplug the charger and remove the battery.
  • If your laptop is off do not switch your laptop on. Powering your laptop on and off to see if it still works can cause irreversible damage.  The activity of combining electricity and liquids will begin as soon as the liquid contacts the powered circuits so removing the power and battery immediately is essential.
  •  Turn the laptop upside down to stop the liquid from travelling deeper into the computer.
  • Clean whatever liquid you can from the surface area of the laptop, Try to blot rather than wipe, bearing in mind that cloths and tissues can also leave residue.
  • Bring your laptop to us for a complete laptop clean.

Please do not try and dry your laptop with a hair dryer as this can encourage dust and static, both of which can cause additional damage to your laptop.

Fixed Price RepairsAs your laptop will need to be stripped down and cleaned thoroughly this does not come under “No Fix No Fee.”   The £45.00 fixed charge is payable regardless of success due to the labour involved and the unpredictable nature of the damage that can occur.

If we can make your laptop work again there can often be parts that need replacing. Keyboards and mouse ‘track pads’ are often damaged beyond repair by liquid spills and the damage may only become apparent after a few days. For example, keys may become ‘sticky’ and unresponsive.

Replacement parts and fitting of replacement parts are not included in the workshop charge.

Bring your laptop to us for your laptop repair – Unit 49 John Wilson Business Park, Whitstable, Kent, CT5  3QY