Laptop charging problemsLaptop charging problems

If you are having problems charging your laptop we can diagnose whether the problem is your charger or the socket within the laptop (DC Socket).

It would be a lot easier for everybody if all laptops used the same laptop charger. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and there’s a variety of different connections and power configurations across the manufacturers. The best advice is to only use the charger that came with your laptop, if you’ve got one that fits from another machine the chances are the voltage and amps will not be the same and you could end up damaging your laptop.

If you’re looking for a replacement Toshiba Laptop Charger for example there are 5 or 6 different ones just for that make. There are some Toshiba laptops that require 15v adapters and some that need 19v, plus the amps range from 4 up to 8. It’s fairly easy however to find out which is the correct replacement charger you need even if you’ve lost or don’t have your old one. Simply turn the laptop over the look at the laptop information sticker which will state which one you need. It will look something like 19v 3.95a or if you’ve got a HP Laptop it may be 18.5v 3.5a.

There are a lot of compatible laptop adapters on the market these days but unless you buy from a reputable supplier the chances are the laptop charger will be made from poor quality components and worse still, dangerous to your health. We have all seen the cheap chargers on certain websites, but how cheap are they really???  One of our customers melted his sofa with his compatible  charger, another customer damaged his laptop beyond repair when his charger melted the laptop, there have been instances of compatible laptop chargers getting extremely hot and in some cases actually exploding and catching fire, this is because the manufacturing company has substituted quality for cost.  For this reason Kent Laptops will only supply genuine laptop chargers as genuine chargers are of a very high quality and pass stringent safety tests to ensure they’re safe to use.Fixed Price Repairs

A genuine laptop charger is usually made by one of the following companies – AcBel, HiPro, Liteon, Li-Shin or Delta. These manufacturing giants are authorised to supply them by the likes of Acer, Dell & Toshiba.

Laptop charging problemsDC Socket replacement – Laptop sockets normally cost between £5.00 and £10.00 and can be carried out under our £45.00 plus parts policy.