Kent Laptops PC HealthcheckPC Healthcheck

Our PC Healthcheck consists of a full software check, a full hardware diagnostic check, a full internal clean, an external clean and is now included in our Fixed Price labour charge of £45.00.

We call this preventative maintenance, as after a while your computer can become clogged with dust and dirt and internal components can struggle to keep cool.  Every computer has a temperature sensor and when the temperature reaches a critical point the sensors trigger the overheating protection system that shuts down the computer to prevent any damage. When a computer works near its maximum temperature the motherboard detects this and reduces its performance to compensate for the temperature increase, this can cause the computer to become slow and unresponsive. When the temperature continues to increase the motherboard will shutdown the entire computer to prevent damage to components.  A clogged fan can be fatal for a computer.  Our 35 Point PC Healthcheck is suitable for both laptops and desktops.

Our PC Healthcheck is a full 35 point check and includes:
PC HealthcheckRemoval of unwanted files/folders/software
Full Hardware Tests
A clean of all internal parts including CPU fan.
Heat Sink Cleaning and renewal of thermal paste
A clean of external parts including screen and keyboard
If installed Anti – Virus definitions updated
If not installed Anti – Virus can be provided
Complete Malware and Virus check
Perform all operating system updates PC Healthcheck
A clean of internal parts and external casing
Power Supply Check
This will ensure that your computer is running to the best of its ability.

(This is not a repair service and the computer must be working at the time)